O-Ishi (West Lafayette, IN)

New Family Favorites at O-Ishi

Moving to the Greater Lafayette area from a smaller town, one of the first things we marveled at was the wide array of restaurants and cuisines newly available to us. We were impressed by the ethnically diverse food scene found in our new home town that seemed much richer than what we expected in a city of its size. After trying some of the local standbys like XXX for a Purvis Burger and Arni’s Pizza (Axl Rose’s favorite pizza we’ve been told), we immediately began our exploration of the numerous Chinese restaurants we’d found on Google. The oddly Japanese-sounding O-Ishi in West Lafayette, nestled between Purdue and the Wabash River, was one of the first local Chinese restaurants we tried. Despite trying many more since, it established itself as a family-favorite and kept us coming back for more.
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Silver Dipper (West Lafayette, IN)

Behold, the Mini Monster!

For the kids’ birthday, we hit up their favorite local ice cream shop, Silver Dipper, and let them have what they’d been asking for every time since our first visit–The Mini Monster! They sat down to attack one mini-scoop of every flavor available piled high onto one plate.

Their verdict: ???

Their verdict after the ensuing tummy aches: ??? (but don’t worry, we’ll be back!)

Lesson of the day: You can have too much of a good thing!

Silver Dipper
201 E State St
West Lafayette, IN 47906