Bread Crumb Spaghetti

Quick Pantry-friendly Spaghetti

I felt like experimenting in the kitchen and I was inspired by a surplus of breadcrumbs Mollie had left over from making a tuna casserole. I vaguely remembered a Giada De Laurentiis episode of Everyday Italian I watched at least a dozen years ago in which she blew my mind by making a pasta dish that made olive oil toasted breadcrumbs the star of the show. This briny, olive oil-based, carb-on-carb recipe is based on my rough recollection of Giada’s recipe. This is in no way authentic, but it was weeknight-quick, simple (mostly comprised of things you could have in your pantry and fridge), and the kids gave their thumbs up. I also put an egg on top to add some yolky goodness, because it makes everything better! Continue reading