Bread Crumb Spaghetti

Quick Pantry-friendly Spaghetti

I felt like experimenting in the kitchen and I was inspired by a surplus of breadcrumbs Mollie had left over from making a tuna casserole. I vaguely remembered a Giada De Laurentiis episode of Everyday Italian I watched at least a dozen years ago in which she blew my mind by making a pasta dish that made olive oil toasted breadcrumbs the star of the show. This briny, olive oil-based, carb-on-carb recipe is based on my rough recollection of Giada’s recipe. This is in no way authentic, but it was weeknight-quick, simple (mostly comprised of things you could have in your pantry and fridge), and the kids gave their thumbs up. I also put an egg on top to add some yolky goodness, because it makes everything better! Continue reading

Yatagarasu (Lafayette, IN)

Top Notch Ramen in Downtown Lafayette

The other night after the kids were dropped off at Grandma’s, Mollie and I were looking for someplace fun to eat in downtown Lafayette for a date night and she must’ve read my mind because she was the first to suggest Yatagarasu. We’re lucky to have numerous options in Greater Lafayette when it comes to great ramen, from Katana on Sagamore to Noodles & I or Oishi on campus, but Yatagarasu at 5th and Main St. is the place that’s focused squarely on ramen first, second, and third–and it shows. Continue reading

Meet Noodles (Indianapolis, IN)

Hand-pulled Noodles in Indy!

I’ve only seen the hypnotic, gluten-forming dance of noodles being stretched by hand once or maybe twice. When I discovered that there was a restaurant serving up hand-pulled La-mian noodles in Indianapolis at Meet Noodles, I knew we had to stop there, even if Mollie and I had the kids in tow on a day trip. While I can’t vouch for these being hand-pulled on-site since there wasn’t a glass window for us to see the kitchen, they were nonetheless delicious! The interior was stylish and modern, the service was very friendly and attentive, and we were impressed by the mix of Chinese and Japanese noodle house choices. Continue reading