O-Ishi (West Lafayette, IN)

New Family Favorites at O-Ishi

Moving to the Greater Lafayette area from a smaller town, one of the first things we marveled at was the wide array of restaurants and cuisines newly available to us. We were impressed by the ethnically diverse food scene found in our new home town that seemed much richer than what we expected in a city of its size. After trying some of the local standbys like XXX for a Purvis Burger and Arni’s Pizza (Axl Rose’s favorite pizza we’ve been told), we immediately began our exploration of the numerous Chinese restaurants we’d found on Google. The oddly Japanese-sounding O-Ishi in West Lafayette, nestled between Purdue and the Wabash River, was one of the first local Chinese restaurants we tried. Despite trying many more since, it established itself as a family-favorite and kept us coming back for more.
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Chinese Boiled Peanuts

Boiled Peanuts at Meet Noodles (Indianapolis, IN)

At our recent trip to Meet Noodles, we had the kids try Chinese-style boiled peanuts for the first time. Flavored with soy, celery, carrot and five spice, we were really curious about how they’d react to them.

Chinese Boiled Peanuts Verdict: ???

A split vote! That’s ok, it just leaves more peanuts for mom and dad.

Meet Noodles
6368 E. 82nd St.
Indianapolis, IN 46250

Meet Noodles (Indianapolis, IN)

Hand-pulled Noodles in Indy!

I’ve only seen the hypnotic, gluten-forming dance of noodles being stretched by hand once or maybe twice. When I discovered that there was a restaurant serving up hand-pulled La-mian noodles in Indianapolis at Meet Noodles, I knew we had to stop there, even if Mollie and I had the kids in tow on a day trip. While I can’t vouch for these being hand-pulled on-site since there wasn’t a glass window for us to see the kitchen, they were nonetheless delicious! The interior was stylish and modern, the service was very friendly and attentive, and we were impressed by the mix of Chinese and Japanese noodle house choices. Continue reading