Mississippi Pot Roast

Easy Slow-cooker (Mississippi?) Pot Roast Recipe Magic

It can’t be this easy, right? That’s what I thought when I started seeing talk of mysterious, viral “Mississippi Pot Roast” recipes that were spreading online despite no one really knowing the origins. But just as promised, the recipe I tried at first WAS easy: throw a chuck roast, a pack of dry ranch, a pack of onion soup mix, some jarred peperoncinis, and a whole stick of butter into a slow cooker and set it for 7 hours on low! Ta da! Dinner’s ready! It was enjoyable, but it definitely needed some fine-tuning. I tried not to “fancy up” the recipe much, the simplicity is part of the appeal of this recipe, but I think after some tinkering, my take on this recipe is still very easy, and maybe just a little bit tastier. Continue reading