Dog N Suds (Lafayette, IN)

Treat Yo’ Self at Dog N Suds!

With heavy hearts Mollie and I witnessed our local Dog N Suds close down and turn into an auto parts store over 10 years ago in Illinois. Much to our delight, when we moved to the area we discovered that not only was Dog N Suds still alive and kicking in Greater Lafayette, there were TWO locations on either side of the Wabash River slinging root beer in those wonderful frosted mugs! That brings us to today’s mini kids’ review. I could ramble on about coneys, Boilermaker burgers or fried cheese curds, but today it’s all about the suds. What did they have to say?

Dog N Suds Root Beer Verdict: ???

As if we had to ask.

Dog N Suds
601 Sagamore Pkwy S.
Lafayette, IN 47905

Chinese Boiled Peanuts

Boiled Peanuts at Meet Noodles (Indianapolis, IN)

At our recent trip to Meet Noodles, we had the kids try Chinese-style boiled peanuts for the first time. Flavored with soy, celery, carrot and five spice, we were really curious about how they’d react to them.

Chinese Boiled Peanuts Verdict: ???

A split vote! That’s ok, it just leaves more peanuts for mom and dad.

Meet Noodles
6368 E. 82nd St.
Indianapolis, IN 46250

Silver Dipper (West Lafayette, IN)

Behold, the Mini Monster!

For the kids’ birthday, we hit up their favorite local ice cream shop, Silver Dipper, and let them have what they’d been asking for every time since our first visit–The Mini Monster! They sat down to attack one mini-scoop of every flavor available piled high onto one plate.

Their verdict: ???

Their verdict after the ensuing tummy aches: ??? (but don’t worry, we’ll be back!)

Lesson of the day: You can have too much of a good thing!

Silver Dipper
201 E State St
West Lafayette, IN 47906