Meet Noodles (Indianapolis, IN)

Hand-pulled Noodles in Indy!

I’ve only seen the hypnotic, gluten-forming dance of noodles being stretched by hand once or maybe twice. When I discovered that there was a restaurant serving up hand-pulled La-mian noodles in Indianapolis at Meet Noodles, I knew we had to stop there, even if Mollie and I had the kids in tow on a day trip. While I can’t vouch for these being hand-pulled on-site since there wasn’t a glass window for us to see the kitchen, they were nonetheless delicious! The interior was stylish and modern, the service was very friendly and attentive, and we were impressed by the mix of Chinese and Japanese noodle house choices.

I went with the Spicy Sauced Brisket La-Mian that you can see has everything a growing boy needs. A clear, mildly spicy, clean-tasting broth that was much lighter than I expected with carrots, Chinese mushrooms, bok choy, cilantro, egg, and melt in your mouth brisket along with some of the gristly bits that have been cooked down to be soft enough to chew but still have a slight bite to them. If you’re averse to connective tissue in meat that’s been cooked down (I know I’m definitely the only one I know who likes it!), there is the Beef Stew La-Mian option that has leaner pieces of beef without any of those bits. Back to the noodles, whether they were stretched on site or not, they were tender and perfectly slurpable. We were equally impressed by the side dishes we ordered, if not more so!

Shishito peppers are a common Japanese appetizer, but this was my first time giving them a try. They were bursting with sweet and citrus flavor and not at all spicy (perhaps a smidgen of Scoville Scale units above a bell pepper). They were wonderfully stir fried until blistered and tossed with meaty slivers of ginger, soy, togarashi chili powder, and garlic. I could easily imagine myself eating an entire bowl of these.

The honey garlic wings were crispy and light without being greasy, and were perfectly tossed in an extremely light coating of honey and garlic. The sauce didn’t at all take away from the crispiness of the wings and gave just enough of a flavor hit to let you know it was there without drenching the chicken in a thick sludge of sauce.

This lovely Chinese style cucumber salad was in a word, “refreshing”. The cucumber is fresh and bright, tossed in a vinaigrette of chilies, cilantro, and garlic. It was the perfect complement to one of the highlights of our meal…

Just look at that presentation! I’ve never had calamari served in a way that shouted “you are eating squid!” quite like this. The calamari was seasoned with an earthy cumin rub and grilled to a perfectly tender, melt in your mouth texture. Mollie and I (and even the kids!) agreed that it was some of the best calamari we’d ever eaten!

We cannot wait to return to Meet Noodles, especially when the weather gets colder. There is still the entire Japanese-style ramen side of the menu left to try, but I think it might be that glorious calamari that will keep us coming back for more.

Meet Noodles
6368 E. 82nd St.
Indianapolis, IN 46250

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